Where does Level work?

Level works everywhere. Our Cloud-hosted platform and applications are delivered to industry standard browsers, meaning you can make applications available to managers and staff on both desktop computers and mobile devices, regardless of whether they're at home, travelling, in the office or in the field.

Level works across all business areas. Our applications enable you to capitalise on your two biggest assets – your data and the knowledge of your people. By marrying the two on a single cognitive platform, we enable you to decentralise and distribute your knowledge and capitalise on your data, creating new value from old or new systems alike. We don’t care whether the data source is hosted in your own data centres, by a third party in the Cloud, or a combination of both.

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Speed of deployment

Working at pace, our Agile deployment method focuses on outcomes rather than functional requirements. Working closely with business users, our iterative approach enables teams of subject matter experts to capture and visualise how they work in weeks.

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Ease of use

User-friendly interfaces are designed to remove training needs. People are no longer bound by the restraints of an office environment. Whether at home, travelling, in the office or in the field, our applications make navigating the complexity of any organisation simple and intuitive.

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Compliance, consistency and GDPR

Compliance and consistency is at the heart of everything we do. By guiding people through the decision-making process with informed intuitive dialogue, they are no longer able to make errors, making the platform ideal for addressing GDPR compliance.

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Supporting digital transformation

AI is the key driver behind the fourth industrial revolution. The Level platform is a potent force for digital transformation that any business can access. We advocate deploying applications incrementally and in bite-size chunks, reducing risk, delivering continuous improvement and increasing the likelihood of a successful deployment. Level is an evolution not a revolution.

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Platform integration

Level is platform agnostic. We can AI-enable SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Workday or any other business application, whether it’s in the cloud or on premise. From manufacturing to social services, we help you to capitalise on your two greatest assets – the knowledge of your people and the data supporting your organisation.

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Level has delivered a proof of concept on plan and to budget on a Payroll Reconciliation solution that was previously done manually, thus saving time and money. We have now replicated the solution across all our NHS Payroll clients. We intend to continue to work with Level to explore other areas using their cognitive technology within our Payroll and Finance shared services functions.

Graham Gornall, Managing Director, ELFS Shared Services, a division of Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

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New business applications can be created, user interfaces of existing applications can be improved and simplified or cloned. Processes are made available to users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The platform is secure, and all data is encrypted.

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The Level platform is hosted securely in the cloud. It can work with any technology and integrates with all of your systems whether they are on premise or in the cloud.

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