We have been working with Level since 2015 to give our employees and managers simple, effective online tools to manage their people information. The team at Level have worked with us in an agile way, adapting to our needs and working together we have made significant changes in a cost-effective way. Always striving to meet challenging deadlines we’ve created a successful partnership between our teams and our business has seen really positive changes as a result.

Elaine McGinn, HR Transformation Director, SSE Electricity Limited

The problem:

Maverick buying & confusing policies

SSE was spending millions of pounds procuring goods and services from thousands of suppliers with no single way of buying. This led to maverick buying with no bulk purchasing benefits and very little view of the status of a purchasing document. The buying channels and procurement policies were not understood by the majority of users, which meant they were putting strain on other areas of the business by repeatedly asking questions about the process.

The solution:

Automate compliance & guide users from start to finish

The end users were provided with Ask Procure to Pay, an intelligent and intuitive solution – built using the level platform – that allows employees to quickly identify the correct procurement channel for goods and services, and easily track the details and status of their documents from demand through to delivery. A list of frequently asked questions is easily accessible at all times, allowing the user to quickly find the answers to most of their queries and assisting them by providing a link to a more detailed document or guide.

  • Launching an existing application together with explanatory information.
  • Displaying help text to explain what needs to be done.
  • Querying and displaying details from the underlying application e.g. requisition status, approval status of purchase order or approval hierarchy routing. This allows the user to enter a purchasing document reference and see the relevant information without logging into the main system.
  • Allowing the user to update purchase details.
  • Creating a service request that can be answered by a procurement agent.

This was not only integrated with the company’s in-office procurement systems, but also it was provided in a mobile format for use by employees out in the field.

The results:

No more confusion, no more stress, complete compliance

Ask Procure to Pay has relieved the strain on buyers and procurement experts in other areas of the business, giving them more time to concentrate on adding value where they’re needed the most. Users are guided carefully through the procurement process, ensuring they buy through the correct channels and are compliant with all company policies. Employees are now less confused about their procurement processes, and the system is much more accessible to non-experts. Making the product mobile-friendly has really helped to simplify the experience of procuring goods and services for those employees who don’t have a fixed place of work, both improving the speed of the process and removing opportunities for error.

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