We have been working with Level since 2015 to give our employees and managers simple, effective online tools to manage their people information. The team at Level have worked with us in an agile way, adapting to our needs and working together we have made significant changes in a cost-effective way. Always striving to meet challenging deadlines we’ve created a successful partnership between our teams and our business has seen really positive changes as a result.

Elaine McGinn, HR Transformation Director, SSE Electricity Limited

The problem:

High error rate & time-consuming approvals

Employees at SSE change manager on average 2.1 times per year. Previously, each of these changes were manually entered into the HCM system with a high error rate. A more complex issue arose when employees with line management responsibilities were given a new line manager of their own, as each of their direct reports also had to be altered, often requiring a change to each employee’s systems access privileges. This process required a large number of approvals, especially in cases where the move crossed multiple departments or divisions, which resulted in significant HR and management overhead.

The solution:

An interactive organisation chart & automated approvals

An interactive organisation chart was created using the Level cognitive automation AI platform, which enables users to “drill down” through the organisational hierarchy, viewing employee information that is appropriate to their role, seniority or system access privileges. Changes to the structure of the organisation can be made with the click of a mouse, and all approvals are dealt with automatically. If an employee’s direct reports must be reassigned to new line managers as a result of a change, the user is notified and then guided through the process by the app, eliminating human error. After a change has been made, all payroll and HCM systems are automatically updated without input from HR.

The results

Greater efficiency from less interference

By using the Level cognitive automation application, the organisation experienced a dramatic reduction in the number of errors associated with restructuring, resulting in a significant saving in management time. This has left managers free to focus on their employees, rather than on their systems, and large restructuring projects can now be completed in a matter of days, rather than weeks or months.

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