Level has delivered a proof of concept on plan and to budget on a Payroll Reconciliation solution that was previously done manually, thus saving time and money. We have now replicated the solution across all our NHS Payroll clients. We intend to continue to work with Level to explore other areas using their cognitive technology within our Payroll and Finance shared services functions.

Graham Gornall, Managing Director, ELFS Shared Services, a division of Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

The problem

Inefficient, error-prone manual payroll reconciliation

A large shared service organisation were having a problem with reconciling their payroll systems with their financial management application. The individual systems produced three large files in different formats that contained different values, one contained net values, another gross values and the third had both net and gross which made the comparison difficult and, by necessity, a long and manual process. The manual reconciliation of data came with a high risk of human error, and achieving the required results became difficult and time consuming.

The solution:

Automated file comparison & analysis

Using our cognitive platform, we provided the organisation with a solution that automatically compares the differently formatted files and highlights the differences between each of the files. The user can easily view and rectify any issues, without having to read through several information-dense documents.

The result:

Effortless reconciliation

Overall, the process of reconciliation has become much more accurate, efficient and almost effortless, and the organisation no longer has to deal with the negative impact of human error. The comparison process which originally took many hours now takes a matter of seconds. Employees spend less time looking at subtle differences between the numbers, and more time focusing on higher value tasks that will grow the business.

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