Giving training an AI helping hand

According to TrainingMag, who published the 2017 Training Industry Report, $90.6 billion dollars were spent on corporate training and learning development in 2017. These figures exemplify just how massive the training sector is and what value it has to corporate businesses.

 Ai helping hand

This sector is now being introduced to AI, which is transforming the whole corporate training experience for the workforce at an accelerated speed. AI has the ability to store and use the knowledge that businesses and their employees need to carry out their jobs with success. To add to this, AI is also leading the way when it comes to providing employers with employee evaluations, which in turn is assisting employees to grow and develop more effectively.

AI and personal development

Another way AI is expanding into this sector is by becoming an employee’s own virtual mentor. This way, employees have a tailored experience that enables them to focus on the development purely applicable to their job specification, enabling them to be more engaged and ensuring that they achieve all their learning objectives. This virtual mentor can also assist with gauging the learning retention for the employee.  

Cognitive Intelligence Technology

AI is also bringing great benefits to corporate training in combination with Virtual Reality (VR). An example of this that we have already seen is flight simulation for pilots. This is an important addition to the learning world as it brings a pragmatic, reactive learning environment that provides a valuable experience for the user.

Understanding the technology

AI will be the way forward for future corporate training so it’s important for us to have a deeper understanding of this technology. AI will help make learning more specific and engaging for the learner. Gone are the days of generalised training days and being talked at for hours – AI Learning is modernising the game.

Human Thinking Technology

Find out the difference between systems that do, from those that think and learn in the wide gamut of AI

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