Extracts from an interview with Simon Robinson- CEO, Level Global

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 Simon Robinson - CEO, Level Global

The Cognitive Advantage

Cognitive technologies are becoming an extensive source of competitive advantage for businesses. They act as a disruptive force that empowers employers to interact with workers, customers, and supplier and get the work done – all with unmatched, speed and quality.  Driven by the promises, companies across industries are deploying cognitive technologies.

To take the cognitive technology adoption to fruition, companies need to have an in-depth understanding of its usage and the ability to tailor the technology to their unique business environments.

 Level recognised in top 10 Cognitive Solution Providers

Human First Approach

In an interview for the publication, Simon Robinson, CEO at Level Global said "It's important to understand that AI is a relatively new concept for companies accustomed to traditional methods. However, once the workforce gains confidence in AI, they love it."

Reflecting on AI's game-changing possibilities, Robinson has a thought-provoking note and says, "When you are dealing with AI, you have to approach it like you are dealing with people. AI is like deploying ‘staff’, but rather than them being flesh and blood, it is software. Once you have got your head around it, there is no stopping the ideas about how you can use this technology in your business!"

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Understanding the Technology

The integration of robotics and cognitive technologies will expedite the automation of repetitive tasks and workflows, where machines and bots replicate human actions and judgements.

Cognitive AI will define how companies compete in the future. “With that said, let's establish a clear portrayal of what exactly is AI,” says Simon, ‘Intelligent Automation is a spectrum.’ RPA sits at the lower end of the spectrum and uses macros; cognitive computing occupies the top end and uses algorithms. As such, while RPA is the road to AI, Robinson sees Level's state-of-the-art cognitive AI platform as the destination; a slice of the future.

"We are using AI to decentralize and automate knowledge and human behaviours, whereas the majority of vendors are using it as an analytical tool."

  Simon Robinson

Human Thinking Technology

The best aspect of the Level platform is that it can be used across business operations to gain valuable insights in no time. For example, Level takes the knowledge of the people working in an Accounts Payable division and builds it into AI applications. A Level Cognitive Agent can engage with a supplier through a chat window and offer assistance similar to or even better than a human. “Any organization’s two biggest assets are its data and people. We harness both and enable clients to deliver them as AI business applications and deliver them 7x24,” mentions Robinson.

"By using Cognitive AI to automate knowledge, decisions and processes in a way that is supportive, the opportunity exists to remove inconsistencies in the way in which businesses execute policies. This has been Level’s focus over the last two years," explains Robinson.

The Level Platform Today

The Level platform is live and scalable with multiple cognitive AI applications running in UK FTSE 100 size companies in the commercial sector and state government. The cloud-based platform runs on AWS and all applications built on top of it are inherently scalable and multi-tenanted.

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