Simon Robinson, Managing Director of Level said: “I am delighted to introduce Level to the world.  For many months we’ve been planning, preparing, designing and developing our new identity and I’m excited to finally reveal our new name, look and feel.

“Since founding the company in 2013, we have worked hard to develop a culture that is confident, authentic and intelligent.  Our new name reflects our character and purpose in many ways. We help organisations and people step up to the next level – both in terms of organisational performance and employee engagement – and we level the playing field with software vendors and consultancies.”

The Level platform automates decisions, tasks and processes, delivering them as business applications that free up valuable time and enable people to focus on the things that matter. Level helps organisations to capitalise on their two greatest assets – their data and the knowledge of their people. Deployment and ROI can be achieved in just weeks.

Robinson continues: “We’ve got big plans to truly transform the way customers do business and buy solutions, the way and speed at which solutions are deployed, and the rate at which clients can realise return on investment.  We want to completely disrupt how the IT industry delivers solutions to clients, how clients consume those solutions and what they pay for them – this is why we needed a new, elegant and eye-catching corporate identity.”

Cognitive Artificial Intelligence is a disruptive technology – it gives users a degree of flexibility that cannot be matched by standard process automation tools and technologies. Using cognitive AI, the Level platform can execute a business process or task at any point in a sequence and is not limited to automating simple or repetitive tasks. The platform thrives on complexity.

Cognitive AI uses algorithms that ‘think’ and is one of the new advanced automation technologies at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution. Level’s cognitive AI platform has already been adopted by large public and private sector organisations and, in one organisation, multiple applications have been deployed to over 25,000 users.


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