Organisational Change

With thousands of employee and team moves taking place in large organisations every year, allocated resource to manage these changes are needed to deal with volumes. Our Orgnisational Change application uses intelligent automation to provide a visual, easy to follow solution that makes moving simple.

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The problem

A high volume of changes to organisational structure per annum requires dedicated resources to undertake complex, manual system moves, often leading to high numbers of ‘orphaned employees’ with no manager assigned.

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The solution

Cognitive Organisational Change application provides a graphic representation of company organisation chart, enabling managers to ‘push’ or ‘pull’ employees between teams or across the organisation. Automated approvals process-built in.

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The benefit

Moves are easily and quickly managed and, once approved, are reflected automatically in the graphical organisation chart. Simplified automated process, results in fewer errors and no 'orphaned employees’.

External Contractor Management

Companies using a high proportion of external contractors face resource intensive processes to track and manage individuals. Our External Contractor Management application intelligently uses key information to smoothly onboard, offboard, automate and manage that process.

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The problem

Large teams required to manage external contractors. Inconsistent contractor onboard/offboard process. No tracking of company assets. No tracking of qualifications and certifications held. Potential Health and Safety compliance breach.

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The solution

External Contractor Management is an automated intelligent onboarding and offboarding application with built in triggers. Records information for every contractor with full audit trail. Integration with back-office to align training needs.

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The benefit

Full tracking and management capability at individual level, providing full audit trail and compliance capability required for Health and Safety. Effective onboarding/offboard process, and simple change of contractor line manager.

Change of address/bank account

A simple task can often be very disruptive if systems are “off line” for periods of time during monthly processing. Our Change of Details applications allow employees to change bank or address information at any time without impacting those important system cycles.

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The problem

During a ‘payroll freeze’ process, employees are unable to change personal details on systems, either directly or through HR/Payroll. This impacts payment and payslip production for around 3 days per month.

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The solution

Change of Details is an elegant solution that provides a self-service application for employees to directly change details without impacting the monthly system cycles required for payroll runs.

People Control 250x250 v4

The benefit

Removes need for manual requests and processing by HR or Payroll. Change of address and/or bank details can be undertaken by employees at any time during a payroll cycle.

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