Absence Management

Many large organisations have absence management issues; some are process led, others system led. Our intelligent absence management application addresses both, reducing absence rates and providing a solution that is consistent and fair to all employees.

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The problem

Absence policies are not consistently applied resulting in employees being treated inconsistently. No accurate absence statistics or audit trail available in the event of a grievance.

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The solution

Absence Management application is a policy-driven intelligent solution that provides consistent absence process for whole company with ‘best practice’ built in. Auto triggers all required activities.

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The benefit

Policies applied consistently. Reduced absence due to policy triggers and applied processes. Single source absence reporting for management, audit and grievance purposes. Employees treated consistently and fairly.

Parental Leave Calculator

A very personal time for expectant parents needs a flexible solution that provides information in clicks not weeks. Our intelligent automated Parental Leave application provides a personalised calculation at the push of a button.

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The problem

Complex, time consuming calculations that require policy and payroll input often taking weeks to provide illustrations to an employee. Changing parameters mean multiple calculations per employee highly likely.

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The solution

The Paternity Leave application is available to all employees as an intelligent automation self-service solution that provides instant calculations by simply entering planned start and end dates.

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The benefit

Removes manual request handling with instant results and easy to use. Improved employee experience due to informed decision making. Policy and legislations changes easily incorporated.

Performance Rating

Most companies already have annual or cyclical performance management systems, but complex policies mean these often fail to deliver or include procedures employees don’t follow. Our Performance Rating application uses intelligent processing to address these issues to guide and prompt users based on your policies and best practice, ensuring they remain compliant every step of the way.

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The problem

No centralised employee performance review recording process. Policy/procedures not known or followed. High percentage of performance reviews overdue or incomplete. Lack management oversight of overall team performance.

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The solution

Performance Rating is a self-service cognitive application that guides managers to the correct course of action at each stage of the review cycle. Automates reminders with ‘best practice’ built in.

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The benefit

Data entered consistently and on time with audit trail linking performance and pay reviews. Real-time “bell curve” performance overview with drill down, dashboard reporting for managers of teams and employee performance.

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