Level Global were invited to join the London Stock Exchange Elite Programme in November 2017, which is specifically designed to support high-growth companies.

Our leadership is a reflection of our ambition, and our team is drawn from global software, professional services and management consulting companies. 



imageedit 28 7812804486 Sue Clark Non-Executive Chair
imageedit 18 2085396531 Simon Robinson Chief Executive Officer
Simon Sacerdoti BW photo Simon Sacerdoti Chief Financial Officer
imageedit 20 4634492892 Stephen Robinson Non-Executive Director
kathryn Kathy Ponting VP & Global Head of Business Partnerships
Michele Drummond Michele Drummond VP & Global Head of Marketing
imageedit 4 6140910752 Saul Spearing RVP, Sales Operations
imageedit 6 7874089371 Barrie Graham RVP, Sales Execution
imageedit 14 9677920147 Michel van Roon RVP Sales, Europe
imageedit 30 8919715095 Robert Peddie Service Architecture Director
imageedit 32 4563711356 Craig Fosberry Cloud Services Director
imageedit 8 6377534020 Cliff Fitzpatrick Advisory Board Member
Deborah Kops Deborah Kops Advisory Board Member
imageedit 16 6932470537 Samik Kumar Chief Technology Officer

Our values

people focussed

Positive about people

We believe that, like the information revolution, the intelligence revolution will remove the mundane tasks and create better jobs and working environments.


Client empowerment

We believe that our clients should be self-sufficient and drive their own innovation, independent of outside vendors, consultants, or even us.


Simplicity is the answer to complexity

From the way we talk to the way our solutions are implemented and used, we’re always striving for the simplest answer.


Challenging conventional wisdom

Many of the best ideas falter at the first fence especially when they involve new technology. We believe in changing minds as much as changing businesses.

What we do

Level Global is an Artificial Intelligence organisation that has developed Cognitive Intelligence technology.  

Level’s Cognitive Intelligence (CI) mimics human thought, enabling organisations to automate highly complex decisions for improved productivity, accuracy and measurement.

CI and RPA level Green White

We complement RPA

CI builds on, and adds human thinking technology to, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology.

Decentralise data and CA Green White

We decentralise data

CI decentralises data and processes it, enabling automation of complex business processes and human decision-making using Artificial Intelligence, or more specifically, Cognitive Agents.

Any app any device anywhere v2

We work with any app, any device, anywhere

The Level Global AI platform is application agnostic and works with any existing enterprise application. It is also available from any device and can be accessed on PC, tablet or smart phone.

We provide rapid ROI

We provide rapid ROI

One of the key advantages of our Platform is its rapid ROI, typically within three months of a project commencing.

We are dedicated to security

At Level, security is our highest priority. As a customer, you will benefit from a platform that has been built to meet each and every one of your security requirements. 

Each aspect of our business has been rigorously audited and certified as compliant with ISO 27001, the information security management system standard.

We take the protection of your data extremely seriously, and have worked hard to meet the EU's stringent data protection regulations. If you have any questions about the security of our platform or our commitment to data protection, feel free to get in touch at hello@level.global.


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