What do we do?

Level Global is a real-time Cloud-hosted AI platform that uses Cognitive Agents to replicate human thought, decisions, tasks and processes.

We take the knowledge of your people and build it into business applications that are designed to make decisions, perform tasks and carry out processes that a person would usually carry out. We thrive on complexity and our Cognitive Applications can automate simple tasks normally carried out by a person, or highly complex tasks carried out by multi-disciplinary teams.

By automating knowledge, we free up your people’s time, enabling them to focus on the things that matter and allowing your organization to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if that is what you require.


Turn complex but repetitive people-based tasks and processes into quick simple ones


Automate complex tasks and processes, taking structured and unstructured data from multiple existing systems


Optimise processes with learning and knowledge, reducing human error and time to complete

Making people matter

In a fast-paced society where expectations are high, the pressure on businesses to deliver is unabating. Whether you are a public servant, an online retailer or a travel business, your internal and external customers expect an instant response.

It's time to adopt Cognitive AI to deliver the Intelligent Organization.

Cognitive intelligence for front and back office

Whether its front or back office – an ERP application for Human Resources or Finance, or a CRM application supporting Customer Experience – Level Cognitive Agents can automate the tasks performed by your people.


Scalable AI/CI technology

Used by some of the largest global organisations running 10+ apps with 20K plus users.


Rapid ROI

The Level AI platform delivers proven ROI in 3 months.


Secure platform

Level cognitive technology is available within a secure AWS Cloud-hosted platform.


Application agnostic

The Level AI platform works with any enterprise application and is device agnostic - PC, tablet or smart phone.

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